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About K9MCE

M.C.A.R.C operates a repeater on 146.865MHz (103.5+PL), and also utilizes 444.250 (103.5+) in the Macoupin county area. We have a ARES simplex net on 147.4800 every Thursday night at 8PM. Also, we are connected through ECHOLINK node #228190 under Greenville's AD9OV-R. We have a new Single Sideband Net on Thursdays at 7PM on 144.200.


ARES net is every Thursday evening at 8PM on 147.480 simplex. Our weekly net is on every Thursday evening at 8:30PM on 444.250 or on any linked repeaters. Net is a social information net; Topics include latest club news and information around the county.

The M.C.A.R.C offers...

- Monthly membership meetings followed by a program of interest

- Educational programs including a course for prospective amateurs

- Community service activities

- Annual participation in Field Day

- Social events such as a meeting at Reno's Pizza for Dinner.

- V.E. testing

- A chance to meet and socialize with other hams


- Show up to a meeting held every first Wednesday of each month

- Contact a club member on air

- E-mail (Email)

- OR contact us by letter at the address listed below


Mailing Address

Macoupin County Radio Club

215 South East St. P.O. Box 253

Carlinville, IL 62626-0253

E-Mail Address (Email)

Club By-Laws

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